Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

Love of Football

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Depending upon what part of the world that you live in it is going to make the difference on what type of Football you watch and follow. For many, this is considered the American pastime as opposed to Baseball for others. Regardless of which type you prefer if you are a fan that you are going to follow it from beginning to end. This is a sport that can be rough and tough and sometimes it can even get violent at times as well. This may be why more men follow the sport than women.

Each team has its own uniform and its own colors. There are also many different positions that each player can play also. But, one of the most important and the most followed position is the quarterback. He is the leader of the Football team and the other players tend to follow him and take his lead. American football uses the quarterback to get the ball to the other players. But others types of the sport do not use this position on the field as they actually play by different rules. But, each one is taken seriously as much as the other.

Another form of the sport is also known as soccer in other parts of the world. There is also Canadian, Gaelic and Australian as well. Each one has fans that follow their favorite team faithfully throughout the season. The sport of Football goes back centuries and has evolved over the years. You can see that the team starting playing in suites in the very beginning and they grew into wearing uniforms in different colors to tell each team apart. In the soccer game the goalie wears a different color t-shirt to keep him separate. In the American sport the quarterback wears the same as the rest of the team.

You may also find that the time of year each one is played may be different as well. But, things they have in common are that they have around the same amount of players on each team, they play on a specific field and the points are scored by putting a ball between goal posts. Each type of Football has these things in common no matter which part of the world you live in. It can help you when you are watching a different type of the sport.

You may find that each year the rules could change. The leagues try to evaluate what has happened in the previous year to make sure that the game stays fun and that there are less injuries on the field. Many of the players are paid very well for being on the team and depending upon the position they play, how long they have been playing and how good they are is going to make a difference in what they are paid. Football has been around for a long time and it is going to be around for centuries more. If you have never watched a game try it as you may like it.

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