Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

Greatest Feats in Soccer Tournaments

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Like any other ball game, it also requires arduous labor and persistence just to score a goal. There were many a great players that lived to become legends because of this game. There is no better way we can commend those great men and women of soccer world than by writing even just a brief acknowledgement or article regarding their remarkable feats that brought the game into its pedestal right now.

This article is meant to bring facts that somehow stunned the world as it happens. As a way of giving tribute to those who worked hard for their teams and plowed their way up to the goal, this article goes out to all of you.

Most goal scores and appearance record:
PelĂ©’s scored 1280 goals in 1363 games.

Most team goals score (single match):
Arbroath defeated Bon. Accord in a 36-0 score during their September 1885 match

Most goals of one player done in single match:

In December 1942, Stephan Stanis of France, a Racing Club de Lens player scored 16 goals

Record of fastest goal:
Uruguayan player Ricardo Olivera scored a lightning speed goal just 2.8 seconds from the start of the game. It is based in video facts.

Longest throw-in record:
At a distance of 48.17 meters, Michael Lochner holds the record for the longest throw-in that took place in Bexley High School in Ohio, USA, 1998.

Largest soccer event:
Involving 35,000 players, the Seven-a-Side Bangkok League Competition was attended by 598 teams in 1999.

Largest soccer match crowd:
199,854 soccer enthusiasts attended the match between Brazil and Uruguay at the Maracana Municipal Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during their July 1950 World Cup match.

These were just only a few facts about soccer tournaments but it already proves something, to be one of the greatest knows no race.

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