Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

Get to Know – Soccer Rules

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There are some key rules in soccer that players need to follow at all times while playing the game. The rules are as below.

1. In this game, altogether there are two teams to play on field with each team consisting of 11 players. Of them, 10 players are usually the outfield players. The remaining eleventh player is the goalkeeper, who alone has the permission for touching the soccer ball using any body part.

2. This game normally lasts for 90 minutes divided into two equal halves with each half allotted with a 45 minutes period. The referee reserves the right to add on some more time finally at the game end to compensate for any time lost due to stoppages.

3. An important rule in soccer is that except for the goalkeeper, none of the players on field has the permission for touching the ball using hands. They may use any other body part, but strictly not their forearm and hands. Thus, players of both the teams use their foot to run ahead towards their opponent’s goal with the ball.

4. While playing soccer, every player has to abide by the dress code on field, which indeed matters much in this game. There is one specific players’ kit or uniform to wear. The uniform of outfield players of one team has to be of a different color, which easily identifies them from those outfield players of another team. The goalkeeper has to put on the uniform of a color, which distinguishes him from all other 10 players in a team. In organized soccer matches, players need to put on shorts, studded boots and shin pads that are covered by extended socks. The back of shirts displays a unique number for recognizing every player.

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